Ayr to Greenan Castle

There is already a good, popular and mostly traffic free path from the pier at Ayr harbour, along the coast to Greenan Castle and beyond to meet the Alloway Burton cycle path at Dunure Road.

Look south from the Esplanade at Ayr to the Carrick Hills and The (proposed) Culzean Way.

Walking towards Doonfoot.

Slaphouse Burn from the shore path looking towards the Firth of Clyde.

The Millennium Bridge across River Doon at Doonfoot.

The alongside River Doon from the Millennium Bridge to Alloway.

Look north to Greenan Castle with Troon in the distance.

February 2017 saw the farm road resurfaced from the renovated cottage at Greenan Road, past Greenan Castle to Dunure Road.

Remember those potholes?

Nature did it's bit and quickly restored the vegetation.

At the same time a new off road cycle path was created to join the above to the path leading to Castle Walk.