Maidens is another small village along the route with a harbour. It attracts day trippers and has many holiday homes providing valuable income to the area.

Culzean Way route thoughts: The disused M&D Light Railway goes from the boundary of Culzean Castle and Country Park to Maidens. It's undeveloped up to a holiday park at Maidens, where The Culzean Way could be diverted down a quiet farm road to Maidens - see below.

Countryside walkers sometimes favour a trail rather than hard tarmac. A compromise can be made in less populated areas like this section of the disused railway. They can be surfaced with fine gravel, which is still suitable for wheeled users i.e. The Culzean Way could have a mixture of tarmac and fine gravel.

This section is walkable and appears to be maintained.

Maidens village coming into view.

A well maintained grass path takes walkers to the bridge in the next photo.

The railway track comes to dead end beyond this bridge where there is a holiday park. Walkers can step down from the track, over a stile and onto the farm road. This leads down to Maidens and is a potential route for The Culzean Way.