The Proposal

A new walking and cycling path along the coastline

South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI) propose the development of a safe, attractive and traffic free all abilities walking and cycling path linking Ayr to Girvan with Culzean Castle and Country Park as it's centrepiece. This project aims to give easy and safe access along this coastline by active travel modes of transport. It will encourage community health, improve tourism and contribute to resolving climate change and environmental issues. The aim is to create an all weather path that will attract locals and visitors all year.

Ayr to Girvan

The path, when complete, will be approx. 18 miles long, linking the communities, businesses and attractions in between.

Active Travel

Active travel has many benefits. It can improve physical and mental health, reduce carbon emissions, help tackle obesity and diabetes and is good for the natural environment compared to motorised travel. The Scottish Government are implementing initiatives to encourage people to choose walking and cycling, both for everyday journeys and leisure. This includes investing in infrastructure improvements to make these journeys a safer and a more attractive alternative to the car.

Maidens and Dunure Light Railway

Ideally The Culzean Way will be based on the track bed of the disused Maidens and Dunure Light Railway (M&DLR), which ran from Ayr to Girvan. Disused railways are a popular choice for shared use walking and cycling paths as they are level, don't have sharp bends and have a ready made solid foundation originally designed to support heavy engines and carriages.

We envisage it co-existing with the Ayrshire Coastal Path, linking and sharing sections where appropriate.

Part of the M&DLR track has already been transformed into a cycle path, between Alloway and Doonfoot.

An interactive map of the original M&DLR route is here